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Service Guarantee

PRO Machine Works has been delivering Precision machining, Reliability, and On-time for over 20 years, and we guarantee customer satisfaction on all services we perform. This guarantee covers any and all errors during the manufacturing process. Simply put, we stand behind our work. If we manufacture product(s) which do not conform to your stated specifications, or are outside of your stated tolerances, we will rerun the non-conforming products immediately and priority ship them to you. If the error is our fault you will not be charged for the shipping nor the rerun.

If the error is the result of non-disclosure, or inaccurate disclosure, including but not limited to, a revision change without notice, a revision change after production starts, lack of or inaccurate tolerance call out, lack of or inaccurate finish grade call out, etc, PRO Machine Works is still happy to rerun your production run at the first opportunity, however the expense(s) are billable to you.


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